Someone I'm With Has Autism

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"Joe and I haven't really considered a strategy for explaining to Jack that he has autism; we figured it will be apparent when he's ready to know. But I have a feeling that the time is coming soon, because slowly but surely Jack is learning that he's not quite like all the others."

The Cariello children-first introduced to us in the heartwarming memoir What Color is Monday?-are growing up. And while their parents struggle with the same things all parents struggle with, Carrie and Joe have an added challenge: When and how do they tell their kids, including Jack, that Jack has autism? In this brilliant sequel culled from her many essays and articles, Carrie Cariello shares with us how she and her husband show Jack that he is not alone, that there are others who know, understand, and love him for exactly who he is.

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Someone I'm With Has Autism

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